Can Wisdom Tooth Cause Sinus Tooth Pain Problems?

Many people have heard that there is some connection between toothache and sinusitis, so it is quite reasonable to wonder “can wisdom tooth cause sinus problems”?  It is easy to confuse the pain caused by a sinus related toothache and a “normal” dental toothache pain. One indicator is that sinus toothache is often followed up by an infection or inflammation of the maxillary sinuses whereas tooth/gum disease is the usual indicator of ordinary dental pain. In either case your cheeks will be very sensitive to touch. Some of the other symptoms of sinus toothache include facial swelling, fatigue, runny nose, swollen gums and a throbbing headache.

How A Sinus Toothache Causes Problems

There is a direct connection between the oral cavity and the maxillary sinuses – this is called the alveolar process. An infection of the maxillary teeth can extend up into the maxillary sinuses through the alveolar process.  And if there is there no treatment then this might develop into a sinus infection. Often oral hygiene can be the cause of bacteria growth along the gum line and this may itself cause an abscess to form below the gum line. If there is no treatment the abscess-causing bacteria can tunnel up into the cavity of the maxillary sinus and you will have a very severe sinus infection.

It should also be borne in mind that if there is a sinus infection which is untreated it can be difficult to keep a good standard of dental hygiene. This is why in many cases of bad breath (halitosis) the culprit is a sinus infection because sinus drainage is falling into the mouth.

Sinus Tooth Pain And Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Also, a variety of studies have indicated some correlation between sinus infections and impacted wisdom teeth, dental work which is not complete, tooth cavities and fracture of a tooth or Crown.

If the cause of the pain is dental in nature you should visit the dentist immediately. However, if it appears that a sinus infection is the cause of the pain then a variety of treatments is available, which do not involve the use of harsh drugs. More details are available on the website link below. When the  answer to “can wisdom tooth cause sinus problems”? is yes, in other words a wisdom tooth might be the cause of sinus problems, dental treatment may not be the complete solution.  This is because the secondary infection created in the sinus area (sinusitis) will still need to be resolved as part of an overall sinus toothache solution.