Easy Home Remedies For Sinus Infection

Home Remedies For Sinus InfectionIf you are constantly trying to blow your nose and just cannot get all the mucus out, you may have an infection. There are methods and recipes you can try in your own home to try and battle this. These are some easy home solutions for sinus infection.

Color of Mucus Changes With Sinus Infection

There are two different kinds of sinus infections, viral and bacterial. A viral type is caused by the average cold or allergies. The mucus your nose is discharging will appear clear and runny. Bacterial is much worse, it produces a discharge that is colored. The color is usually a light yellow or green hue. One of the good home fixes for sinus infection will work with both types of infection.

One thing you can try to loosen the blockage, is sniffing a chopped onion. Onions have a potent smell that causes your eyes to water and your nose to run. This might help to loosen everything up so you can blow the blockage out.

You can also try sniffing a chopped clove of garlic. The smell of it may help loosen things up and garlic has natural antibiotic properties.  Try doing both, onion to clear the blockage, and garlic to add antibodies that can help.

Here’s One of the More Extreme Natural Remedies For Sinus Infection

This method is a bit more extreme, and tastes terrible, but it does work most of the time. First, take a hot shower so the steam from the water helps to loosen the mucus. Get a cup of water and stir a tablespoon full of salt into it.(NB a comment below points out that unfiltered tap water may cause infections – also it’s best to get saline solution from a pharmacy). Put a little bit of the salt water into the spoon and snort it, tilt your head back and pour the liquid into your nostril if you cannot snort. With your head tilted back, let the salt water sit in your nose, giving it time to penetrate the blockage and get to the source of the problem.  Some people find this unpleasant, which is why we categorize it as one of the more extreme home-type remedies for sinusitis infection.

Some More Sinus Home Remedies

The salt water tastes pretty gross but salt kills bacteria. You may need to apply the salt water a few times to break up the mucus. Once it penetrates the mucus, the salt may burn a little when it gets to the infection. Do not be alarmed, this means it is fighting the problem. If you do not like making your own salt water (possibly your local water may cause an infection) you can go to your local drug store and get a saline solution for your nose.

Give these methods of home based remedies for sinus infection a try. If they do not work for you, and the blockage is causing too much pressure, you may want to see your doctor. Your doctor can do a bacterial culture to see which types of antibiotics will help you – just remember that these easy Home Remedies For Sinus Infection do work.

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  1. Salt is not the same thing as the saline solution sold at pharmacies. That solution also has a buffering agent (usually baking soda) which keeps it from burning like hell.

  2. Do not do this with tap water! You can get very sick or even die, this is basically the same idea as the neti pot and people got severe infections from using tap water, make sure you’re using filtered water.

  3. Thanks Sarah, I have modified my post accordingly.


  4. Very good stuff – keep going.

  5. James Faucette says:

    - battled severe sinus pain and pressure with the homemade salt solution and it worked awesome, but I also followed it up with a teaspoon of pure cayenne pepper in a 8oz glass of water and drank it…the combo truly works..immediate relief and infection gone totally in 2days.

  6. Thanks for the feedback James – good to hear yours is fixed!


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