Homeopathic Remedy For Sinus Infection?

Homeopathic Remedy For Sinus InfectionHomeopathic remedies are those in which disease is treated by drugs that would produce symptoms similar to those of the disease in a healthy person. The concept of Like Cures Like is the general basis for homeopathy. Like any medicine, approach the remedies with care, since many can be detrimental to your health if the doses are too strong. A homeopathic remedy for sinus infection can relieve the pain and pus that is associated with it.

The premise that homeopathy is based on is that products made from the actual disease are called nosodes, and are considered preventive for the disease itself. If the disease develops, it is typically in a milder form. The potency of treatment should be higher for chronic or long term, illnesses and lower potencies for acute illnesses.

The first signs of a sinus infection are mucus and congestion in the sinuses, typically after a cold. The infection is caused by bacteria, virus or fungus. The pain that so often accompanies sinus infections is the result of acute inflammation and congestion in the nasal passages. Additional symptoms include headache, pains in the eyes, nostrils, upper jaw and facial bones. Discharge of greenish or yellowish mucus from the nose is often present.

Caution should be used with homeopathic remedies because the products can be extremely poisonous if taken in incorrect doses. Before considering the use of the following information, contact a person certified in homeopathy or your family physician.

The goal of this treatment is to eliminate the inflammation in the sinuses and to help the body to expel the infected mucus as well as a general strengthening of the immune system. If this treatment does not relieve symptoms after a few days, a physician should be consulted.

The predominant symptom is yellowish-green mucus expelled from the nose. Other symptoms include headaches, pressure in the sinus areas, earaches and a flu-like feeling.

A blend of three different substances is used for the treatment of a sinus infection, also called acute sinusitis. The substances are calcarea carbonica, hydrastis canadensis and kali bichromicum. A weak solution is administered.

Calcarea carbonica is also known as calcium carbonate. It is the mineral found in seashells and is very similar to the calcium found in human bones. To obtain it, the white part of the mother of pearl layer of the oyster shell is separated, while the rest of the shell is discarded. It is then triturated, or ground, into a fine powder that is then mixed with lactose.

Golden Seal For Sinus Infection Homeopathy

Hydrastis canadensis is golden seal, and is considered poisonous. The use of this is considered especially active in older people who tire easily. It can have the effect of sharpened wits and a clearing of the head. For acute sinusitis, it relaxes the mucous membranes.

Kali bichromicum is potassium dichromate and is produced chemically – a useful homeopathic sinus remedy. It is used to eliminate headaches associated with sinusitis as well as earaches and catarrh. Catarrh is the inflammation of the mucous membrane.

The study of homeopathic remedies shows that many products can help eliminate or reduce a variety of symptoms, so if one product does not appear to be working, try others that may produce a better result.

Hepar sulphuricum helps if the infection pain is concentrated between the eyes and has been lingering. Mercurius can be beneficial if the pain associated with the sinus infection feels like it is concentrated in the teeth and the mucous is green, thick and smells foul. Silicea is good when the pain is on the right side of the head or if heat and pressure on the sinuses relieves pain. Spigelia is used if the pain is predominately on the left side or if cold compresses reduce the pain.

For more information, contact a certified homeopathic doctor. Local health food stores or your family physician may be able to direct you to a professional. Much information about a homeopathic remedy for sinus infection is available online.



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