Sinusitis Herbal Remedies: Grandma Probably Knew Best

After years of reliance on pharmaceuticals, western society is coming to realise that the sinusitis herbal remedies their grandparents used were probably better after all. Though this is not always the case, sinusitis herbal remedies could keep you away from drugs. These cause their own side effects, especially antibiotics, the overuse of which has caused resistant strains of germs to develop. Consulting a doctor is your best option, however, if a fever spikes too high or symptoms go beyond a bit of pain and bright green discharge.

Symptoms of sinusitis include pressure and pain around the eye. Press just below the eye, and if this hurts, your sinuses may be full of mucus. Another symptom, tooth ache, sometimes masks the true nature of a sinus problem, requiring a fever to reveal the true nature of your pain. Causes include allergies and colds.

You are fighting a number of things at once: congestion, bacteria and inflammation can all be affected by sinusitis herbal remedies. Each remedy possesses its own qualities, sometimes several at a time. Others would be safe to take in conjunction with traditional medicine to form a formidable fighting team.

Take care, though. Look to an expert who knows which parts of a herb are toxic or irritating. For example, horseradish will cause a burning sensation if accidentally rubbed into the eyes. Certain herb stems contain cyanide, whereas other herbs can lead to digestive problems or vomiting if ingested in large quantities. Cats Claw and Osha are not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing. Peppermint leaves can cause a rash while the drink can irritate your stomach. Mainly, the key is moderation and taking care in the garden if you grow these yourself. Split your herbs apart to keep only safe parts and never mix up your ingredients, since the bark of one will help while the bark of another could make a gardener sick.

Elderberry is a beautiful plant with decongestant properties. You have drunk it as a wine or a flavored herbal drink. Consider this to break up mucus, boost immunity and reduce inflammation. Take this in a tea or an extract to consume with water.

Some more sinusits remedies with a herbal background…

Cats Claw also stimulates immunity while also possessing the benefits of an anti-inflammatory. Horehound and Osha may sound strange, but they work to break up congestion and defeat the bacterial respectively. Look for these teas, tinctures and powders.

Familiar as they are, mint, peppermint and anise still work as decongestants. For a steam bath include drops of aromatherapy oils. They also give benefit as teas, providing needed fluids to flush out bugs. Horseradish, found in many refrigerators as a spicy condiment, induces sweating when taken as a tincture or eaten.

You can grow many of these herbs in your own garden, perhaps on the windowsill all year round. Grocery stores commonly stock certain teas, some of which are marketed for their use as home remedies. Pharmacies increasingly recognize the value of carrying powders, capsules and oils so look to their natural section for a selection of sinusitis herbal remedies.

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