Effects on Your Vision of Sinusitis

Are You Suffering from Sinusitis Vision?

Since sinuses comprise the cavities that are located in the bones surrounding your eyes, behind the forehead and cheekbones, it is quite common to have sinusitis vision effects that can be quite uncomfortable. Sinusitis is an infection that has occurred within the lining of one or more sinuses, causing the area to become inflamed, sometimes to a greater extent than at other times. This can cause a decrease in vision quality and your vision may become blurred or distorted due to the swollen sinus lining. The underlying complications could be similar to a cold or flu with difficulty in passing air through the nasal passages and severe irritation to the eyes and upper face.

There is a bacterial infection that results from sinusitis that can cause severe changes in the visual effects. The eyes could become very red such as with dry or irritated eyes, bulge out of the face and become painful, or even cause double vision or temporary loss of vision. This is a more extreme circumstance that should be treated with medical attention in order to appropriately target and resolve the issue. The eyes could become very painful during a bacterial sinusitis infection, making it difficult to see or focus on objects.

In rare but serious cases of sinusitis, there could be infection of the eye socket which could cause severe vision effects. This could be referred to as an orbital infection, generally causing drooping of the eyelids in which the patient loses some or most movement of the eyes. There could also be extreme pressure put on the optic nerve, leading to eventual vision loss that can sometimes be a permanent condition in which fever and other severe illnesses may be present. A blood clot could cause similar symptoms, except in this case the pupil become fixed and dilated making it difficult for the afflicted to see in the light.

So, why is sinusitis related to these eye problems? With the sinus cavities located so close to the eye sockets it is in close enough vicinity to inflict an infection or irritation into the eyes. These symptoms could be present or not, with an orbital infection being quite rare. Young males in particular are prone to vision side effects from sinusitis due to the location of the frontal and ethmoid sinuses that become inflamed. This condition is referred to as Osteomyelitis. This inflammation is known to spread into the eyes, causing watering and difficulty seeing clearly, leading to squinting and pain.

An orbital infection is most common in chronic sinusitis conditions and can cause the most debilitating sinusitis vision impairment. The cavernous venous sinuses that are located next to the pituitary glands which can cause meningitis or an abscess, could also cause critical illness and sometimes blindness. Sinusitis vision problems are mostly caused by the blocking of the mucus drainage, which leads to excessive water and moisture to be created within the eyes. In more serious cases, the eye area could become severely infected leading to loss of vision from the Sinusitis Vision effect.

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